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Mark Jacques


  • 1/35 DML Flak Panther Coelin
  • Out of the Box build
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  • 1/35 ??? Sherman 105mm with ??? conversions
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  • British M10 marked as the 4th A.T. Regt. A Batt FDC Canadian.
  • Academy kit in 1/35tth scale with a Legend and Italeri crew.
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  • 1/35 DML M26A1 Pershing as used in Korea.
  • Tamiya crew, Eduard photo-etch with Legend and VLS accessories.
06_Marks_M26.jpg (11982 bytes)


  • 1/35 Tamiya Marder III of the 21st Panzer Division.
  • Shells and accessories are from Tamiya with a Tristar crew
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  • 1/35 M4A2(w)75 of the Canadian 4th A.T. Regt
  • Academy M4A2 hull and Tamiya 75mm turret.
  • Crew and some accessories are from Tamiya, with other accessories from Academy.
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Photography Mark Jacques