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  • 1/35 Dragon Kit: German figs. Panzergrenadiers (Arnhem 1944)
  • Head: Resin Warriors
  • Field Telephone Strap: Photoetching waist belt from G2 kit Luftwaffe Field division.  Field telephone strap came in two pieces with a buckle.  The buckle was scratch built with wire and lead foil.
  • Parascope Strap:  Lead foil
  • Shoulder Boards: Scraped off plastic injected shoulder boards and applied lead foil shoulder boards and buttons. 
  • Tunic Buttons: Lead foil buttons
  • Belt buckle: Scraped off plastic injected buckle and scratched in lead foil buckle
  • All equipment/Strapping was applied to figure prior to painting, which created quite the challenge, painting from the 'inside out', (the inside being the tunic to the outer most being the geer).
  • Helmet Cover:  SS cut/Italian Camo. Pattern was copied out of one of my Militaria books.  Patterns were sketched on to the three pieces of the helmet cover and then each pattern was acrylic base coated and then oil painted with shadows and high lights, a very pain staking process which paid off!
  • Painting:  The figure was base coated in Vellajo acrylics and painted in Windsor and Newton oils, Using my cheap American Painters brand 00 Liner brush for details,(Seams, folds,etc.), fabulous brush!
  • Ground work:  My first successful attempt with tall field grass, wich got mixed reviews. The orange diamond on the Ranger helmet was hand painted first with acrylic and then oils, with an N scale black #1 for the Battalion #.  The diamond was masked with strips of blue painters tape.  The ground work was all airbrushed, which was another first for me.  Title plate was ordered from Trohy shop (Vikings Trophies).  All of my pedestals are hand made from 2x2 oak and oak frame.
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  • 1/35 German Sturmmann
  • DML kit conversion (German Ukraine)
  • DML body, Warriors resin head
  • Sculpted Left leg, left forearm, tunic pockets and neck
  • Remodeled D rings and O ring on Y straps
  • Lead foil tunic buttons, Gas mask cannister straps, bread bag straps, shovel straps, and Helmet chin strap.
  • Sewing thread for Panzerfaust sling.
  • Basecoated in Vallejo acrylics and painted in Windsor and Newton Oils
  • Won a silver as MMSI Chicago show 2007
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  • 1/35 "Volkssturmmann" Volks. Btln 235
  • DML kit conversion (Frozen Battleground)
  • Warriors head, lead foil straps
  • Vallejo acrylics and Windsor and Newton Oils
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  • 1/35 "SS Sturmann" photos 1-2 and 1/35 "Volkssturmmann" photo 3.
  • DML kit conversion's
  • Work in progress
  • Finished work can be seen in the two galleries above.
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  • 1/35 "Volkssturm"
  • Verlinden kit conversion
  • Lead foil gun strap, eye patch.
  • Putty Earmuffs.
  • Vallejo Acrylics basecoat; Painted in Windsor&Newton oils
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  • 1/35 "Obergefreiter"
  • Dragon kit 'Operation Barbarosa' conversion
  • Resin Warriors head, lead foil straps
  • Vallejo Acrylics basecoat, Windsor&Newton oils
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  • 1/35 "Schutze"
  • Dragon kit 'DAK' conversion
  • Resin Warriors head, lead foil straps, sewing thread for rope slings
  • Vallejo Acrylics basecoat, Windsor&Newton oils
  • Figure took Silver in Open Div. at 2005 Chicago Show.
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Photography James Thiewes