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It’s time again for another up-date from the Minnesota Military Figure Society. There has not been an update for the July or August meeting. A quick reminder that we will be having our meeting this Friday September 8, 2006 at Fleming Field in South St. Paul. For some time now we have been stating that the meeting location is in Inver Grove Heights but because of street configurations and a lack of knowledge by our editor of the area the actual location is South St. Paul. Hopefully that will help some individuals that have been trying to locate the airfield on map quest. Our apologies.

July Meeting

Our meeting started out strange in that our member with the only key was on vacation and we were locked out of our meeting room. It would have made no difference since because of heighten security at the airport the locks were changed. So we lounged around in the waiting area and had our meeting. Those in attendance were Jim, gay, Merrill, Mark, Scott, Don, Rick, Chip and from a galaxy far away Jacques. It was quite warm with the temperature outside at the start of the meeting at 95 degrees F.

Items of discussion brought up at the meeting were:

-After lengthy discussion and trying to get ends to meet the individuals present decided to have our February 2007 meeting at Pat Gallagher’s home. Pat is a past member of the MMFS from several years ago. Though his schedule precludes him from attending our monthly meetings he still has a strong interest in the club and miniatures. He has offered his home to sponsor a meeting in, as his wife puts it, the ‘testosterone’ room.

-Jacques requested members to e-mail him new pictures to help fill up the website. When Jacques up-dated the website he dumped all the old pictures. E-mail Jacques at Hey Jacques, when are you going to place the new logo up?

-Members that have paid their annual dues received their membership cards in July (took long enough). Remember these cards are worth 10% off at Hub Hobby stores in the Twin Cities.

-Though we decided in June about our new logo it was unanimously voted on as accepted at out July meeting.

-Jacques informed us that October 20th (weekend of the MMSI show) Camp Ripley will be having an open house. If this information is incorrect please e-mail the membership A.S.A.P.

-Some members were discussing attending the IPMS-Nationals in Kansa City the weekend of August 5th. A report on the show will be done at the September meeting.

-Reminder of the Nordicon show on September 23rd.

-Reminder of the Camp Hastings military display July 28, 29 and 30 at the ‘Old Log Cabin’ site in Hastings, MN. Running vehicles including a Sherman tank will be available for viewing.


As already stated the temperature in July was very hot. The only area for our demo was an upstairs area where the AC seemed to be out. All our members suffered through a drowsy heat as Mike Bedard shared his techniques using Vallejo acrylic paints (or was Mike just that boring?)


01. In honor of Bastille Day in France Gary Anderson brought several French figures that were completed some time ago. It is great to see these older pieces again. The first piece is a Grenadier Guard Ensign bearer.

01 Gary's.jpg (71377 bytes)

02. French Line Dragoon and Hussar officer by Gary.

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03. Hussar Officer.

03 Gary's.jpg (61286 bytes)

04. Cheval Lequar Trumpeter.

04 Gary's.jpg (58825 bytes)

05. Officer Cheval Leguar – de la Garde.

05 Gary's.jpg (85610 bytes)

06. Weslphalien Hussar 2nd Regiment.

06 Gary's.jpg (64355 bytes)

07. Gary also showed off the shirt he received at Tim’s, his son, graduation from naval boot camp becoming a machinist’s mate. Tim will be serving aboard the USS Independence.

07 Gary.jpg (79084 bytes)

08. Along with the French theme Bon Burgoyne brought along the new Tamiya Char B 1 bis. An excellent example of out-of-the-box build.

09 Don's Char B.jpg (85513 bytes)

09. Rear view of Don’s French Char B.

10 Don's Char B.jpg (83561 bytes)

10. Nice weathering and a very well done Renault paint scheme. Great job Don.

11 Don's Char B.jpg (89203 bytes)

August Meeting.

Our August meeting was a social gathering hosted by Chris Barrett at his home. The event featured a lot of food and talk. Held on a Saturday some members that work Friday evenings such as Chip and Jerry were able to attend. Jerry’s wife was also at the event along with Jim’s wife and son. A long lost member Dave Nelson also was at the event with his eldest son. It was a fun time.

September meeting.

Planned items for discussion at our September meeting will be the upcoming model shows Nordicon on September 23rd and the MMSI show in Chicago on October 19 –20. Recap on the IPMS nationals will also be discussed. Information about security closing will also be brought up. Our demo will once again feature the Eastern Front veteran ‘Yogi’ Pusch. For those of you that missed Yogi’s last appearance you missed a lot. Though over 60 years ago Yogi fought against the Soviets he still is able to recall in detail many interesting experiences and events. He is a very animated character and interesting to listen to.

So be there people, Friday September 8th, 2006, 7:30 PM at Fleming Field, South St. Paul!

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