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June notes

We held our June meeting on the 13th, at Fleming Field. (As always) We had an ecxellent turnout, with two semi-new visitors, Sean and Johannes, in addition to   regulars Tim, Mark, Dave, Chris, Chip, Bob, Scott, Bernie, Jim, Mike, and that pesky Nelson kid. (Haha?)


1. Mark's brother failed to show, so there was no demo. Fear not, for as punishment, I have signed Mark up for multiple spam emails. (This is serious business, fellas!)


1. NordiCon

The MMFS will be sponsoring the 'Best Figure' special award, as usual. Remember, this year's show is in the Knights of Columbus hall in Fridley- further info can be found on the TCAH website, or you could ask Jedi Master Bernie. It will be a contestant-voting show.

2. US Soldier Show

There was a large crowd at the Fort Snelling military show last month, and those who attended seemed to have a good time.

3. Tulsa, June 21

Mike B. Chris B and Babe Ruth (I mean Scott) attended this figure show on the 21st of June. It sounds like they had a great time, but you'll have to wait till the next meeting to hear their opinions. The suspense is killing you, I can tell.

4. Science Museum Trip

There will be no feild-trip to the Starwars exhibit, since so many of us are already going with our freinds/family.



If we want to become an AMPS Affiliate or Chapter, we will have to pay a few fees, in return for awards during modelling shows. We're currently finding out how much this costs... stay tuned for more info next month.

2. Shirts

Obviously, clothing is highly reccomended in our society. Why not sport a fancy MMFS polo? It declares your sophisticated modelling skills and keeps you looking acceptable in public. Talk to Scott if you're interested. (We have sold 11 thus far.)

The July meeting is this Friday at Fleming Feild, as usual. Merril will be presenting a demo on how to make damaged buildings...or else. (Winks) I apologize for the absense of photos from the meeting, I'm having some problems with my camera. I'll send them seperately to you sometime soon. Til' next month,

-Kyle Nelson


Photography Minnesota Military Figure Society