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August Notes

Hello, MMFS Members!

This is the July Newsletter. Yes, July, when the heat is nearly enough to melt your entire plastic collection: giving you more incentives to build! The meeting took place at Fleming Field, where we showed off our new burn wounds from the fireworks.



This July, the emeeting was attended by Mike, Winston, Mike and Mark (Jacques Inc), Rick, David and Kyle (Nelson Inc), Chris, Merril, Scott, Jim, Jacques, and Don. Not too bad for a post-holiday weekend!


New Biz:

Nordic-Con is coming up in September! We're still sponsoring the Best Figure award.


...And that about covers it.


Old Biz:

1.On the issue of having the MMFS become an AMPS chapter, we voted 24 kazillion to one, much to Jim's dismay.

2. There was a discussion about ways to increase interest in the hobby, specifically towards kids. Winston showed us some of his daughter's amazing work, he said she was only four, and already she's building better than most kids several times her age. (See the

pictures, below) Winston also pointed out that many kids are interested in Legos, which we all agreed are types of models. Perhaps we could include a 'Lego' category at Nordic-Con in the future?


Treasury Report:

According to Chip's treasury report, we have about $200, before we subtract $20 for the AMPS fee.  



This month, Merril's reputation as the Village Wise Man was shaken as he experienced what he calls a ''senior moment'', completely forgetting to bring his demo with him. And to think that he was reminded by the previous newsletter! Punishment will be discussed during the August meeting.


Next Month:

Chris Barret will be presenting a demo (or else) about... well, he says it's a surprise. Hopefully, Mike will have some interesting stories from his weekend as a Sherman Tank Commander a few weeks ago. The meeting will be at Fleming Field at 7:00PM, as usual.



1. Ariana's 1/72nd P-47. Wow! 

72 P-47.jpg (91554 bytes)

2. Ariana's Kurogane, also in 1/72nd.

Ariana's Kurogane.jpg (98278 bytes)

3. Mike's fantasy French tanks in 1/87th, built from scratch.

87 fantasy French tanks.jpg (97990 bytes)

4. Chip buys a kit for the first time in eons!

Chip finally buys a kit.jpg (85756 bytes)

5. Winston's impressive Drakken

Winston's Drakken.jpg (89918 bytes)

6. Winston's Ka-Go.

Winston's Ka-Go.jpg (82462 bytes)


Extra Stuff:

If I start to ramble, tell me because I'd appreciate any advice. I'd also like to bring to your attention that you can add your model pictures to the MMFS website by emailing them to me, at I hope to see you at the next meeting!


-Kyle Nelson



Photography Minnesota Military Figure Society